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The premiere of ballet performance  “Two Stories – one Dance” – to live music composed  and played by Piotr Orzechowski and Krzysztof Ścierański was given  on Satruday night (29.10.). 

Chorography was created by Jacek Tyski. Costumes and set design was prepared by Anna Sekuła. Dariusz Pawelec was in charge of lighting direction. The dancers were: Giulia Bellotti, Agnieszka Chlebowska, Martyna Dobosz, Mizuki Kurosawa, Katarzyna Sanocka, Maki Sekuzu, Clara Ushizaka, Leonardo Cusinato, Robert Kędziński, Maciej Pluskowski, Dzmitry Prokharau, Takafumi Tamagawa Yauheni Yatskevich.

The spectacle was extremely energetic. Musicians and dancers created a magical atmosphere on stage. As Mateusz Borkowski notes, the music ”gave the dancers a lot of joy when they danced group sets”. The artists  received a long ovation. Applause interrupted the Sunday spectacle (30.10).

Excerpts from reviews:

”The most interesting was  the idea of the spectacle (inspired by Director Bogusław Nowak) for the use of improvised music live composed by the pianist Piotr Orzechowski and the guitarist Krzysztof Ścierański. By the way, it seems to be an element of a wider  phenomenon, that is jazz entering philharmonic halls and opera houses. It is no longer unwelcome to such venues, becoming part of the mainstream. The concept of ”Two Stories” is simple, based on a love story with a happy ending: we can see infidelity, the struggle for acceptance and the attempt to rearrange reality. It is not a narrative spectacle, but according to Jacek Tyski’s explanation - physical. Breaking with the apron stage and leading the audience onto the proscenium and into the wings is an interesting concept.”
Mateusz Borkowski, „Dziennik Polski”, 31.10.2016

”The Kraków Opera hosted jazz at its best. (...) There was a lot to watch and listen to (...) The audience was seated on stage, almost next to the dancers and musicians. Spectators could watch them closely to follow their emotions, their effort and their joy... There was a lot of joy in that performance, not only that which was planned by the choreographer and expressed by gestures, but also a spontaneous joy which is born when the dancers meet music which carry, inspires  and captivates them... There were many such moments on Saturday. I believe that the spectacle will be a success. It is beautiful in terms of artistry,  refined and deeply humane”.
Anna Woźniakowska, portal Polska Muza, 31.10.2016

”(...) Coordination of the ensemble in group sets and splendid, refined solo performances  by individual dancers (excellent Agnieszka Chlebowska and Martyna Dobosz) were noteworthy. The entire ensemble deserves a big hand. Even more so, that every movement and gesture was closely watched by the audience this time by means of exception, seated on the stage, at a close distance form the scene. (…)   The meeting of such two different worlds, dancing in two extreme emotional moods, was an interesting idea, thanks to which the artists built the air of mystery and coolness in the first act, which was dispersed by energy and warm atmosphere of the second part. It was a good idea,  as the concept was to show the same feelings and emotions in two different ways”.
Anna Kańska Małachowska, naScenie.info, 30.10.2016