21, 22.10.2017

Vocally, it was a great success of Iwona Socha, who perfectly handled Renaissance songs, singing in Old French, Catalan and Old Italian. 'Gazeta Wyborcza'



27 (premiere), 28, 29, 31 October 2017

Every singer wants to play the role of Norma although this part is regarded as “a murderer of sopranos”. Only the best voices can perform it.


5, 12 November 2017

The orchestra conducted by Tomasz Tokarczyk did a great job performing the music. "Dziennik Polski"


    “The Elixir of Love” at the Market Square in Lanckorona

    Right before the beginning of the new artistic season 2017/2018, the Krakow Opera would like to invite you to a performance of “The Elixir of Love” by Gaetano Donizetti, which will take place on 9 September (at 6:00 p.m.) at the Market Square in Lanckorona. The performance is consistent with the strategy...   more »

    21st Summer Festival Ended the 2016/2017 Season

    It was already the 21st time that music aficionados and opera lovers had the opportunity to participate in the Summer Krakow Opera Festival. This year, the Festival’s rich and diverse repertoire attracted a lot of interest from the audience. The Summer Festival was held under the motto “Opera Theatre”...   more »

    Ballet Stars at Wawel Castle Spectacular Gala

    On the evening of 29 June 2017, the Arcade Courtyard of the Wawel Castle turned into a dance floor and hosted the Grand pas...! ballet gala. The event featured ballet stars from Europe and Russia. The Krakow Opera Ballet, as the host of the event, opened the first part of the evening by presenting Akord with choreography...   more »