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Mornings at the Opera

Mornings at the Opera

Children aged 6-9 are heartily invited to participate in the “Mornings at the Opera” organised by the Kraków Opera. During the “Mornings at the Opera”, the youngest members of the audience will get a chance to discover the world of opera. The meetings are intended to educate a new generation of conscious recipients of art, in line with the words: “There are many theatres around the world - some more and some less serious, but the most important theatre in the world is the theatre.... of imagination....” We wish to nourish and develop the children's imagination.
Every “Mornings at the Opera” will be attended by an artist, a theatre craftsman or an administrative employee who is going to share the secrets of theatre with the young participants. Children will have the opportunity of singing together with a soloist, dancing with professional ballet performers and learning how the theatre equipment operates during performances, as well as getting to know what a theatre stage manager does.

The meetings will allow the children to participate in various workshops, e.g. fine art, movement and costume design. Young music lovers will also visit the Opera’s backstage. We would like them to enhance their creativity, artistic sensitivity and music talents whilst playing.

The meetings are run by Anna Adamus, who has been working for the Kraków Opera for many years; Anna Adamus is the author and organiser of many educational and social projects for children, youth, persons with disabilities, seniors and pregnant women. She cooperates with the Polish monthly magazine, “Bliżej Przedszkola” and writes lyrics for songs, scripts for performances and games for kindergarten pupils. Adamus also organises workshops for children, among others a series of meetings “Kraków from Children’s Perspective” and “Legends of the Old Kraków.” A culture manager by profession, a teacher by vocation, in private life the mother of a 2-year old girl with whom she runs the CudawiAnki fan page sharing her creative ideas and spreading positive energy.

The “Mornings at the Opera” were awarded the “Sunflower 2015” statuette in the Music category by the “Czas Dzieci” website (September 2015). On the other hand, in 2018 they received the Parents’ Award in the “Movement” category as the most promising initiative for children in Kraków.

You are heartily encouraged to view the “Mornings at the Opera” on-line. Here is the first episode published on the YouTube channel of the Kraków Opera.

The meeting will be run by Anna Adamus with performances given by: Radosław Bukała, Michał Bylica, Monika Sęk, Żaneta Seweryn and her students: Michał Siciak, Małgorzata Rosołek and the Kutnik family: Gabriela Kutnik, Kristina Kutnik, Piotr Kutnik and Michał Kutnik. Bartosz Giżycki is responsible for the editing and graphic design.


Dear Viewers,

Given the current epidemiological situation, we heartily encourage you to view the “Mornings at the Opera” on-line.


Dear Parents,

Please note that only children for whom tickets were purchased are allowed to take part in the meetings. Parents may wait for the children in a designated section of the Mezzanine. Children who do not take part in the meetings can stay in the premises of the Kraków Opera only under the supervision of parents/ guardians.