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Carol of Christmas

Concert of the Krakow Opera Choir
John W. Peterson
1 hours 0 minutes



1 hours 0 minutes
John W. Peterson
premiere at the Krakow Opera
Wishing to experience the unique atmosphere and spiritual mystery of Christmas as long as possible, we invite you to a special concert with the participation of the Krakow Opera Choir. The artists of our stage will perform for you the most beautiful Christmas carols and pastorals, which, with the help of sounds and words, move people's hearts and reflect the extraordinary mood of the holiday season.

The main point of the repertoire will be the Christmas cantata "Carol of Christmas" by the twentieth-century American composer John Willard Peterson - author of, among others, over 1,000 songs, hymns and religious songs and 35 cantatas, inducted into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame in 1986. "Carol of Christmas" encourages a profound experience of the mystery of Christmas - it tells about the birth of Jesus Christ while simultaneously making you reflect on sending the Son of God to earth. During the concert, we will hear a cantata in the Polish language version.

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Choir Masters: Joanna Wójtowicz
Agata Flondro
Anna Gajdzik-Krzyżanowska
Joanna Wacławska
Anna Wodyńska-Piętka
Michał Błocki
Łukasz Lelek
Rafał Piętka-Wodyński
Jacek Wróbel

Narrator: Rafał Pawłowski

Krakow Opera Choir
conductor: Joanna Wójtowicz
piano: Olga Piotrowska-Cender


Category 1
50 zł
Category 2
40 zł

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