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Era of the Lake

Tomasz Szymuś
Jerzy Jan Połoński
Piotr Sułkowski
1 hours 30 minutes



1 hours 30 minutes | 1 intermission
Tomasz Szymuś
Daniel Wyszogrodzki - songwriter
4th December 2021 r., Feliks Nowowiejski Philharmonic Orchestra of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn
performance producer
Feliks Nowowiejski Philharmonic Orchestra of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn
The musical Era of the Lake is a folklore-inspired spectacle, combining past and present with references to tradition and local folklore. The characters from the legends of Warmia meet there with the former, hard-working inhabitants of Warmia and Mazury in logging and fishing. The composer, Tomasz Szymuś, together with the songwriter, Daniel Wyszogrodzki, created melodic, catchy musical songs, which make no musical reference to folk artistic creativity, but are full of charming melodies and group scenes, such as the impressive choir of lumberjacks that opens the musical or the charming title song Era of the Lake, which is accompanied on stage by dances of nymphs (in Polish: rusałki). Such attempts to combine the musical genre attractive to a wide audience with fairy-tale and folklore content is one of the best ways to convey forgotten stories. And a good song will stay in your heart forever.


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Piotr Sułkowski: originator, conductor, music director
Tomasz Szymuś: composer, conductor
Ałbena Grabowska: screenplay
Daniel Wyszogrodzki: song writer
Jerzy Jan Połoński: director
Iwona Pavlović: choreography
Joanna Martyniuk: stage design
Filip Marszałek: lights
Father Mazur, King of Sielawy (fish) | Grzegorz Pierczyński

Mother Warmia | Anna Sztejner

Łyna, their daughter | Paulina Janczak

Sajna, their daughter | Agnieszka Tylutki

Jasiek | Wojciech Daniel

Morena | Beata Olga Kowalska

Kłobuk | Jerzy Połoński

Utopiec-Staszek | Tomasz Bacajewski

Ekonom | Mikołaj Ostrowski

Wodzirej | Kamila Połońska, Piotr Michalczuk

Orkiestra Symfoniczna Filharmonii Warmińsko-Mazurskiej
conductor: Piotr Sułkowski


Category A
1st seats Marshal's Balcony
140 zł
2nd seats Amphitheater rows IV-IX
95 zł
3rd seats Amphitheater rows I-III and X-XII
75 zł
4th seats Amphitheater side seats and rows XIII - XIV, Right-hand and left-hand side boxes (level 1), Balcony rows I and II
45 zł
5th seats Balcony rows III and IV
35 zł

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