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Christmas Time in the Krakow Opera - "The Nutcracker" and a Christmas Concert

Christmas Time in the Krakow Opera - "The Nutcracker" and a Christmas Concert

The Artists of our Opera want to give the audience a moment of joy, emotion, breath from everyday life and the unique mood that Christmas time brings. So they prepared a special Christmas repertoire.
December 20 at 12:00 pm, there will be a performance of "The Nutcracker" - one of the most famous classical ballets. It tells the story of a girl who, thanks to a Christmas toy, a nutcracker, wanders through a fairy-tale wonderland, where everything is possible, like in a dream...

The author of the staging presented in our theatre is Emil Wesołowski, an outstanding Polish choreographer. Marek Grabowski's painting scenery leads the viewer through fairy-tale worlds. Fabulous, fancy costumes were designed by Maria Balcerek.

The spectacle will be performed by the Ballet (main roles include Mizuki Kurosawa, Gabriele Togni, Yauheni Raukuts, Agnieszka Chlebowska), Ballet Studio, Children's Choir and Orchestra conducted by Joachim Kołpanowicz.

The live broadcast will be available on the Play Krakow platform. The sale of transmission access for PLN 10 will start 2 hours before the spectacle.

We are also preparing a unique Christmas Concert! Moving human hearts Polish Christmas carols and pastorals will be available to hear and see in the privacy of your home, on the Christmas Eve and subsequent holidays - until December 27. The soloists will perform: Magdalena Barylak, Agnieszka Kuk, Karin Wiktor-Kałucka, Agnieszka Czarówka-Niezgódka, Monika Korybalska, Krzysztof Kozarek, Jarosław Bielecki, Michał Kutnik, Sebastian Marszałowicz, Choir and Orchestra conducted by Tomasz Tokarczyk.

The online broadcast will be available on the Play Krakow platform and is free for all viewers.

The Christmas Concert is under the Honorary Patronage of the Marshal of Małopolska Region, Witold Kozłowski.