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The Studio educates young people based on public ballet school curricula and fulfils the requirements to obtain a state-certified status of a professional ballet artist. The Studio’s teaching staff are experiences ballet dancers with plenty of artistic ac
The curriculum includes:
·  Dance appreciation and foundations of ballet (children aged 4 to 9)
·  Eurhythmics and musical appreciation
·  Classical dance
·  Barre au sol
·  Modern dance (modern jazz)
·  Stylized folk dance
·  Historical dance
·  Ballet theory
·  Musical education

In addition, the students:
·  Participate in classes with guest teachers from Poland and abroad
·  Participate in international ballet workshops
·  Are offered apprenticeships with the Krakow Opera to develop their ballet performance experience
·  Participate in annual concerts and shows prepared by the Studio
·  Participate in ballet festivals and competitions

Admission requirements:
·  Candidate has to take part in an audition (applicants to professional classes) and pay the entry fee and tuition

Financial conditions:
·  One-off entry fee
·  Tuition paid on a semester basis
·  Preferential tuition rates for siblings
·  Preferential tuition rates for the children of Krakow Opera employees