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Giuseppe Verdi
Tomasz Tokarczyk
1 hours 30 minutes



1 hours 30 minutes
Giuseppe Verdi
premiere at the Krakow Opera
Written as a tribute to Alessandro Manzoni, a prominent Italian man of letters and patriot admired by Verdi, the Messa da Requiem was first performed one year after his death at the Milan Cathedral (1874) with a choir of 100 singers, an orchestra of 120 persons, La Scala singers as the soloists and the composer himself as the conductor. Sometimes compared to Mozart’s Requiem in terms of musical finesse, it is considered the highest achievement of the genre. A synthesis of the Italian operatic style and religious music, Verdi’s Requiem is a romantic work through and through, which is manifested by its diversity of form and extremity of contrast – from prayerful concentration to vehement sounds and dramatic expression. At the same time, the critics have pointed to its theatricality, consisting in strive for a “quasi-scenic display of its intensified musicality”.

(B. Pociej)


poster by
Katarzyna Kobylarz

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Stage Direction and Design: Laco Adamik, Barbara Kędzierska, Bogusław Nowak
Music Director: Tomasz Tokarczyk
Choir Master: Zygmunt Magiera
Lighting Designer: Stanisław Zajączkowski

Director’s Assistant: Bożena Walczyk-Skrzypczak
Music Director’s Assistant: Sebastian Perłowski
Stage Manager: Agnieszka Sztencel
Prompter: Dorota Sawka
Soprano | Katarzyna Oleś-Blacha
Mezzo-soprano | Bernadetta Grabias
Tenor | Tomasz Kuk
Bass | Wołodymyr Pańkiw

Conductor: Tomasz Tokarczyk

Choir and Orchestra of the Krakow Opera


Category B
1st seats Marshal's Balcony
110 zł
2nd seats Amphitheater rows IV-IX
75 zł
3rd seats Amphitheater rows I-III and X-XII
60 zł
4th seats Side seats and rows XIII - XIV Right-hand and left-hand side boxes (level 1) Balcony level II rows I and II
40 zł
5th seats Balcony rows III and IV
30 zł


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